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Walking loudly through a silent forest
People who purchase a large truck for the sake of owning a large truck
Failure to assimilate
Things that spin very quickly
People who think they're important, especially while driving
People who walk around with an SLR around their neck
Tiny keyboards
Auction announcers
People who think they have the right to stand in a busy hallway
The words "snack" and "yummy"
Zombies with augmented abilities
Children and their guardians who lack the intelligence to interpret the other
People with explosives
Not being able to think of something else
The inability to interface with something
Assembling a cohesive argument, especially in the form of an essay
Not being able to remember if I've done something or not
More reavers
Too many reavers
Running out of lead in the middle of writing something that's supposed to look nice
Thinking of two things, then forgetting the second after writing the first
The capital letter "L"
People who start talking the instant I start talking
People more stubborn than me
People who seem to care about me
Alcibiades, Cleon, and Brasidas
Becoming tired whilst reading
People who think that the content of books written thousands of years ago is still relevant
People who always believe what they're told
Trying to apologize
People who apologize
People who think they can convince me that I'm important
Being unable to pronounce something
People who are unable to pronounce things
People who write on my stuff
Tape, stickers, and other adhesive devices
People who assume that people with deformities are retarded
Redundant words
The clichés "eating like a pig," "builds upon itself," and "epic fail"
People who assume that "gay," "retarded," etc. are derogatory
Rhetorical fallacies
Sippy cups
Lack of self-control
People who sit down in front of a TV, but don't watch TV
Bandwagon jumpers
Water bottles with restricted openings
The Grox
People who fail to develop an opinion out of lack of self-confidence
Museums of natural history
People who think they can discover truth
Silverware clinking against china
People who make a lot of sound when they chew
Flimsy notebooks
People who think that society is stable or absolute in any way
Ice trolls
People who are austintatious
People who are ostentatious
Reality TV
The gender binary
People who let others' opinions define themselves
When teachers scan over tests that you hand in, as you hand them in
People who walk into my room
Flip phones
Apple products and Apple product-related accessories
People who won't give ponies a chance
Paying Chinese companies to enslave their own people
Non-scientific calculators
Abusing AutoTune
People who think they can 'trademark' online usernames
Wide-ruled lined paper
People with blatant disregard for grammar
Accepting money
Tape that's too sticky
Country, hip-hop, and most rap
Wooden pencils
Tape that's not sticky enough
Any eraser that isn't synthetic
Dirty erasers
Sand or other large particulate matter
Something something tangerines
And French phrase that is not "Je suis si frais que vous pouvez sucer ma noix"
Creatures with bifurcated jaws
Crushed ice
Children who default to the 'somebody stole...' excuse
The eighth dimension
Polygons with an odd number of vertices
Crumbs on the floor
Empty water bottles
There is no category that this fits into... There's no "Humor" section under "Non-Fiction"...

Most people (That is, all of them) assume that this is a list of things that I do not like. I would tell them they were right, except they're not. Honestly.

Yes, I do know somebody named Austin. I'll leave it to you to guess what he's like.

This list is subject to change at any time and with no prior warning.

UPDATE: Appended
UPDATE: Appended
without-uprising Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
AUSTIN LOL. <3 this.
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